jackson Deep

jackson Deep (jacksondeep)


Jackson aka Jackson Deep is owner of shining ideas and excellent techniques, self-taught person in musical production (ableton Live) Jackson aka jackson Deep comes if detaching amongst the Brazilians producers, winning more and more the public by his talent and humility and thus a promising future its front.
Born in 1981 in the city of Foz do Iguaçu-PR and created in Florianópolis-SC, insane person for electronic music since the age of 15 years, loving of techno and house, began his career as a dj influences of friends, playing in several clubs in town, already it had 4 residences thus acquiring profissioal technique and experience in various styles.
Started as a music producer in early 2008, with his first tracks of success "kamehameha" and "street Fighter". Jackson aka Jackson Deep today forms part of the national of electronic music in Brazil with the objective of bringing satisfaction and joy Wherever he goes, his prefericia Music is the tech-house, electro-house and minimal tech.
His musical styles are always with Rhythms euphoric breakdowns and very exciting amazing, and with the priority Basslines strong and striking as surprise factor every turn, so tearing screams and whistles of the crowd.


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